I cannot use the “Peaple”. I see some error messages, and the program does not start.

First of all you should check if the .NET framework is installed at your computer. Go to “Add or Remove Programs” tool in the “Control Panel”. You should see at the list of installed programs an item containing “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0” in its name (e.g. “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2”). Windows Vista and Windows 7 should have it installed by default. For Windows XP and older Windows 98 you have to download it and install yourself. If you do not have .NET framework installed please go to “Download / PC requirements” page and read more about .NET download and installation. Another reason of problems with running “Peaple” might be security exception when the user has insufficient privileges for use of some folders. The easiest way to check if it is a case is to start “Peaple" as an administrator of the computer or ask the administrator of the network to do it.


I would like to change some properties in a chain step. How may I do it?

Place the mouse cursor over the specific chain step box, and click the right mouse button. The small floating window will appear. Select the option: “Edit Chain Step Properties”.


When I entered a value for initial fruit firmness (or a* colour coordinate or hue colour attribute) the warning sign (red dot) appeared, and I could not proceed further. Why?

The entered value is higher than the value of upper asymptote in the set of (selected earlier) model parameters. To simulate the quality changes of fruit with such initial quality status you have to return to the earlier wizard window and select different set of model parameters (different year or growth location for specific cultivar).